GoldenChild Golf Charity is a non profit voluntary association, and was was established to tell the story of all those children who lose their lives to cancer. We try to raise funds for childhood cancer research., and hopefully help other children fighting the battle for  their lives.

"Strong together"

My nephew Patrick was diagnozed with osteo sarcoma  - bonecancer - at the age of 10. Bonecancer is a rear disease, and it is mostly young people who gets this kind of cancer. This kind of cancer is aggressive, but since it is so rear, hardly any research is done on this area. Todays treatment is therefor basically the same as it was 25 - 30 years ago. Food for thought, considering the extreme technological progression we have seen during the same periode.


Patrick underwent massive treatment over a two year periode, including chemo therapy, amputation and radiation. Despite all efforts, tremendous caregiving, dedicated medical personell and hard work, his cancer continued to spread throughout hos binestructure, and further to his lungs.  Patrick passed away on july 11th 2018, only 12 years old.

This is my story of a child lost, and the impact both his disease and his passing has on a family.

GoldenChild started out as a simple gift to the cause. When the signals started showing that Patricks story might have a tragic outcome I felt I had to do something to try to give him and his familiy a little bit of light. The need to help - and at the same time be totally helpless - is frustrating. I knew that the Norwegian Childhood Cancer Society is doing an important job - so I wanted to atleast give them a donation in combination with something out of the ordinary, something that Patrick would recognize as his Uncle standing up for him, and battling it out alongside him.

" The Golden Child"

Besides beeing am enthusiastic golfer, I am also a flyfisherman, and a competitive flytyer. I designed a fly following the classic techniques of the victorian era, inspired by the international symbol for childhood cancer awareness - the gold ribbon.  The fly was named "The Golden Child". The fly was donated to the Norwegian Childhood Cancer Society - and a fundraiser was set up where we would randomly select a winner of the fly ,out of those who donated to the cause. The GoldenChild project as born, and has developed from there, rapidly moving into the world of golf. I soon realized that that in order to make myself heard, and engage people enough to actively support the cause, I needed to find an arena to speak out from. And that arena is golf. From then on the name became GoldenChild Golf Charity.

How common is childhood cancer? Childhood cancer is the main cause of death for children between 1 and 14 years old. Luckily 80% survive, but many struggle with aftereffects, and 20% unfortunately die of this dreadful disease. An estimated 100 000 children die every year globally.

Most of us are unaware of the extent. The reason is that these tragic fatalities happen behind closed doors, at the hospitals, beyond the reach of those who normally bring important stories to the public. So the sories are left untold, and the focus and priorities are suffering from that lack of attention. We all know the PINK and BLUE ribbon, breast- and prostate cancer. The Childhood Cancer Awareness ribbon is GOLD. GoldenChild will be the storyteller, to get attention, and bring awareness.

Through GoldenChild I have three simpel objectives.


Tell Patricks story, and the story of the 100 000 children who die from cancer every year. It is an emotinal story,  but it is a story that needs to be told, so that others can understand the impact this disease has on a family when it hits them.



Be a promoter for the GOLD RIBBON - the international symbol for the fight against childhood cancer.



Raise funds for childhood cancer research.

The Beneficiary - The Norwegian Childhood Cancer Association

We love to have you as a friend, regardless of whether you donate to the cause or not. But if you want to help us out, you can do so by visiting our Paypal Charity account on Any donations are deeply appreciated, and will be forwarded directly to the childhood cancer society. No money will be spent on salaries, marketing, or any other cost related to this initiativ. GoldenChild Golf Charity is a non-profit organization, based on voluntary work 100%.

Let us lift together and save a child.

GoldenChilds mantra is

"Stronger together"



Emil Hegle Svendsen
Thomas Gullestad 8
John Carew og Hallvard Flatland
Bent Stiansen 7
Kjetil Andre Aamodt og Trine
Marit wiig 4

The role of GoldenChild Golf Invitational

Being just an uncle, it is difficult to reach out with a story . It requiers an arena to tell it from, you need voices that are strong enough to be heard, and you need to make sure that those who have storytelling as a living report what they see to a broader audience.


I spent most of my summer arranging the GoldenChild Golf Invitational. The major obstacle was to find "the strong voices" - rolemodels and VIP´s that could attract the media, which in turn would attract bussinesses to join in and donate to the cause. We succeeded..


On September 19th a group of amazing rolemodels joined my tournament at Hauger Golfclub. Olympic champions, world champions, footballplayers, actors, musicians - a truly amazing group of VIP´s. We decided to make it a counterweight to the tragic passing of Patrick, and make it a tribute and celebration to his life, and his battle.  And what a celebration it was.

Why the game of golf?

I have a dream where every golfer knows what GoldenChild Golf is all about, that they relate to it, and are proud to show that they are a part of it all. Let us make GoldenChild a golfers household name - where the strenght in our numbers enable us to let our voices be heard.

Secondly - The game of golf is absolutely perfect for the GoldenChild Golf Invitational. We are able to spend time together, we challenge each other, we celebrate the good shots, and "forget" about the bad ones. We compete, with ourselves, eachother and in teams. We reconnect with good friends, and make new ones on the way. And we speak out - together. There is no other arena that can provide an atmosphere like this. That is why GoldenChild evolves into GoldenChild Golf.

The tournament was covered by both local and national news in Norway, on TV, on radio, in the papers, and on the web. Beeing the first year - it was a success, to build on!

These are some of the profiles that attended GoldenChild Golf Invitational 2018.

In order to arrange the tournament, and at the same time try to raise funds to the cause, my sponsors are absolutely essential. Their contribution has been and is vital, helping with donations, prizes, tournament logistics, communications, filming and so on.


I need you to follow us on the next steps of the journey, in order to establish GoldenChild as "the golfers" effort to make a change, and lend a helping hand.

If you represent a company and want to be a sponsor to GoldenChild Golf Invitational - please reach out to me directly.

To each and every one of you  - Thank you

"Stronger together"

Uncle Ronny

Kjetil Andrè Aamodt
Lasse Kjus
Thomas "Finger´n" Gullestad
Emil Hegle Svendsen
Bent Stiansen
Sigurd Sollien
Hallvard Flatland
John Carew
Lars Lenth
Stian Sivertzen
Bjørn Faarlund
Golfpresident Marit Wiig
Jim Marthinsen
Therese Cleve Stiansen
Ronny Deila
Freddy Dos Santos
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